What is Viral Marketing and why it is important?

What is Viral Marketing and why it is important?

Getting viral is the everyday thought of most businesses and creators today! This digital era is taking a huge transformation in the field of marketing strategy making. Most businesses now include viral marketing as their part of business, here you are not limited to just the target audience rather it reaches a huge audience and helps you get the target audience’s attention anytime.

So firstly let’s discuss what viral marketing is. Basically, it is a marketing strategy to make content about your product and services through word-of-mouth and reach people like a virus. Now as we know beforehand, people use this strategy as just word-of-mouth but in the new digital age generation social media platforms like X(Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, and more made an amazing zone for businesses to upload such content and go viral overnight! This viral marketing is nothing but a piece of content that attracts the audience’s attention at a rapid rate. Today people are on mobile screens all the time scrolling all day and liking the content that they can relate to. Businesses today take advantage of such scrolling content but make it wow through word-of-mouth by awareness about your own products or services. From memes to videos to carousel posts or relatable posts and more. For example, the Dove Real Beauty Campaign used viral marketing where they take advantage of women’s view of their own beauty so people connected emotionally and people shared at a huge rate.

Viral marketing is good until you find it difficult to track the real audience. So there is a basic method to follow while using viral marketing. The first step is to understand the internal and external community from consumer behavior to product development to pricing to promotion of it. So making a strategy out of it with the financial budget the company can do for such viral marketing. now, you have to see the cognitive, behavioral, and financial vision of the campaign. To see whether it aligns with your objective for such a viral campaign and then make content that the audience can relate to and further share with the relatable people and understand the segment of the format type whether written or video or blog or something else then track it accordingly. Using the recent trends with aligning your product and services can attract customers’ eyes to it and share information through word-of-mouth with other customers.

But as we know everything has its advantages as well as disadvantages so, let’s be clear from both perspectives firstly, turning your reach from 10000 to 1000000 goes in one go but the disadvantage is that turned audience can be positive or negative. Secondly, when your website traffic is high it automatically gives more leads but such leads can be useless and not worthy enough to deal with. Thirdly, your brand name gets famous and reaches the maximum audience but the cons are that being famous can be negative such as most people can talk about your product and services in a negative way and you can’t control anything then as your intention was to make positive buzz but it turned out into negative buzz you can’t control once you go digital! Fourthly, here you don’t feel limited to reaching the audience domestically or globally – viral marketing makes it easy for a business to reach the most audience and make the most audience aware about your product and services but it is difficult to track the perfect or target audience or turn the campaign success as it need expertise marketer to track such campaign.

So doing viral marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea it may be cost-effective and worthwhile but only if done with proper planning. Take the opportunity of this marketing strategy of viral marketing if you are searching for the perfect digital marketing agency that can frame such viral marketing for you then Think Your Media is the perfect choice. Contact us today at 9899902090!

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