The T20 World Cup 2024 was a spectacular event because of the amazing matches and the outstanding marketing campaigns that accompanied it. This year’s tournament was particularly memorable for Indian fans, as India clinched the title by defeating South Africa in an emotional final. The victory was bittersweet, marked by the retirement announcements of captain Rohit Sharma and team talisman Virat Kohli from T20Is, as well as the final match for coach Rahul Dravid at the helm of the Indian cricket team.

These moments we have added an extra layer of sentiment to an already unforgettable World Cup, showcasing the deep connection between cricket and the emotions of the Indian audience.

Anyway let us take you into some incredible Ads that Indians loved throughout:


1. Zomato – “Match Ho Toh Zomato”

Zomato’s campaign ingeniously connected cricket with food delivery, highlighting how every match is better with great food. Their catchy slogan and timely ads during matches made them a household name, with orders soaring as people indulged in their favorite dishes while cheering for their team.

Zomato signs Ranveer Singh as brand ambassador; unveils its World Cup campaign with the actor and Chris Gayle

2.  Britannia (Jim Jam Pops) – “No Ad. No Twist.”

In a bold move, Britannia launched a campaign that humorously declared it had no twist, just like their beloved Jim Jam Pops. This straightforward yet witty approach made it stand out amidst the sea of elaborate ads, earning it a special place in viewers’ hearts.

3. Star Sports – Bahut Hua Intezaar

Star Sports captured the sentiment of impatient fans with “Bahut Hua Intezaar,” highlighting the long wait for World Cup glory. The campaign’s narrative and emotional resonance made it one of the most memorable of the season.

4. New York Times – “Statue of Liberty with Cricket Bat”

This unique print media campaign featured the iconic Statue of Liberty holding a cricket bat instead of a torch, symbolizing the global appeal of cricket. It cleverly juxtaposed American and Indian cultures, capturing the attention of readers and reinforcing the universal love for the sport.

New York Times - “Statue of Liberty with Cricket Bat”

5.BYJU’s – #HallaMachaDenge 2.0

campaign was a constant presence throughout the T20 World Cup, rallying support for the Indian team. Its motivational tone and widespread visibility made it a favorite among cricket enthusiasts.

6. Adidas – T20 World Cup Campaign 2024 (Adidas x BCCI)

Adidas’ collaboration with BCCI led to the powerful slogan “One Jersey. One Nation.” This campaign aimed to unite fans through the new team jersey, encouraging them to show their support for the Indian cricket team. The emotional appeal and unity it fostered made it a hit.

7. Agency – “WorldCup Aayega India”

This campaign captured the anticipation and hope of every Indian cricket fan, with the catchy phrase “WorldCup Aayega India” becoming a rallying cry. The ads, filled with vibrant imagery and patriotic undertones, fueled the excitement for the World Cup.

Agency: Memes for the Win ("WorldCup Aayega India")

8. Dream 11 – “Yeh Sabka Dream Hai”

Dream 11’s campaign played on the collective dream of Indians to see their team win. It brought together fans from all walks of life, emphasizing that cricket is a unifying force in the country. The relatable storyline and inspiring message struck a chord with millions.

Dream 11 - “Yeh Sabka Dream Hai”

9. Booking.com – It Starts with a Booking

Booking.com’s campaign emphasized the role of travel in experiencing the World Cup, encouraging fans to make their bookings and be part of the action. Its practical appeal and connection to the event’s excitement drove significant engagement.

10. Emirates – Lovers of Cricket

Emirates celebrated cricket lovers worldwide, showcasing how the sport brings people together. The campaign’s global perspective and heartfelt message resonated with fans, reinforcing Emirates’ brand as a supporter of cricket.

11. Royal Stag – #InItToWinIt

Royal Stag’s campaign, #InItToWinIt, captured the competitive spirit of the T20 World Cup. Its bold and motivating tone struck a chord with fans who believed in India’s potential to win.


The T20 World Cup 2024 was a core memory for every Indian. It was a total rollercoaster of emotions we felt throughout. Anyway, these ads connected deeply with Indian emotions, blending the passion for cricket with clever marketing strategies.

Meanwhile, for Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, the final was their chance to bid of farewell to the shortest format as world champions. Both had experienced the joy of lifting a World Cup—Rohit in the maiden T20 World Cup in 2007 and Kohli in the 2011 ODI World Cup. However, after early success, they faced years of near misses in ICC tournaments. At ages 37 and 35 respectively, this tournament was crucial for them to cement their legacies.

Their desperation to win was evident, especially with Rohit’s explosive 92 off 41 balls against Australia in the Super Eight, which set the stage for India’s triumph. As we celebrate India’s victory, we also honor these legends whose careers have shaped Indian cricket.

Share your favorite moments from this unforgettable World Cup in the comments below.

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