A Guide to Your Social Selling for Better Sales

A Guide to Your Social Selling for Better Sales

We understand that you also want your business to reach the sky and for that, you are using multiple ways. But, have you tried Social Selling methodology for better interaction and sales?

Believe it or not but according to reports 67% of small businesses use social media for digital marketing. That means businesses of all sizes are getting more aware of online selling and getting better engagements from their audience.

In this blog, you will understand how social selling is beneficial for your business.

Before we go in-depth let’s understand the concept of ‘what is Social Selling’.

Social selling is an advanced process of using social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to find potential prospects for better leads and sales. In social selling an organization or an individual can learn better about their audience and build relationships. Social selling is a quick process to drive sales and build better network relationships.

Why Social Selling is Important for your business?

In this digitalized world social selling has to open the doors to improve the selling process through direct interactions, reacting to posts, etc. In this way, companies can easily make social credibility and build a better relationships with prospects and then turn into buyers.

According to reports by LinkedIn Social seller leaders create 45% more opportunities giving better results on sales. 

  1. Social selling helps sales team to enhance relationships: Social selling provides an opportunity to connect with potential customers through social media. Through social media your sales team can easily identify leads that are interested in your business. In short you can easily engage with audience who are interested in your brand and can offer your services authentically.
  2. Your competitors are using social selling process: If you want to stay competitive then you must be active on social media like your competitors.  Your competitors are also using social selling to engage with their potential audience. If you do not use social selling then you will stay out of the competition world.

How to become a social seller?

  • Choose your network precisely: Social networks are not all made equal. Look at engagement rates and where your audience is to see what works for one firm and what might not for another.
  • Create or renew your profile: Make your profile more professional and relevant because what you are presented to the world is what the way world sees your brand.
  • Create a target list: Before connecting with your audience create a target list of companies and individual to connect with.
  • Join social media groups: join groups that are relevant to your business profile it will help a lot for your business.
  • Post relevant consistent contents: Find information that is pertinent to and appealing to your audience to start. This need not be from your business; it might be a media piece, podcast, webinar, etc.

Some Best Networks for Social Selling

It depends on what type of social network are you seeking. Based on your target market and social media marketing strategy, your decision should be informed.

Generally businesses prefer Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to interact with their customers. It is a great way to respond to your customer queries, along with interacting regularly and building relationships.

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