Step-by-Step Guide: How to Optimize Your Google Ads Campaign

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Step-by-Step Guide How to Optimize Your Google Ads Campaign

Today all businesses are using Google ads campaigns for their marketing strategy as it helps get the right targeted audience and let them know about your business. At first, it may be very unpredictable but once you understand the niche and understand what are important things to keep in mind while making the campaign in a sequenced manner you will see results.

Google ads genuinely make your company’s business productivity high if do it correctly, here at Think Your Media we have generated a huge amount of conversions through it and we are not even lying on that point. Once you understand how it works, and use the correct data you will see results. So, let’s give you a clear one-to-one step guide to optimize your Google ads campaign more responsibly.

Introduction to Google Ads

Google ads are the performance that you put the authentic data and look after and optimize it accordingly to get the right audience for your product or services. They need no particular strategy or method but a lot of patience while going through the process. The whole campaign is about using the right niche, bidding, and keywords.

The clarity of making the right structure is important as it is the base that you make and you improve it as needed. Poor structure can be a disadvantage to your business and lead to a lot of issues so make sure to use the right data that aligns with your company’s profile from alt text to keywords to the whole content and everything.

Things to keep in mind While going through the process:

  • All the titles, descriptions captions, and everything in the content should have prominent and clear keywords that help your targeted audience understand what message you want to convey.
  • Let your customers know the company values at once, all the minor details they are searching for, or provide the right solution your client wants to know or needs right away.
  • Make the ad structure very clear and in a sequence manner using the right content so, that you don’t get confused rather make further improvements as needed.
  • Make the content minimal, simple, and precise so, that one understands the whole story you want to convey.
  • Use a call to action or targeted page so that clients don’t face issues getting the product or service they are searching for rather it becomes very easy for them to get the right solution they were searching for at once resulting in high conversion rates.
  • Try to keep the ads according to the needs or seasons or follow the trends.
  • Make it very filtered and specific to get the solution easily for eg, if searching for any particular services like viral marketing then you should provide filters and a clear idea about it within your content.

Simple Instructions to Optimize Your Google Ads

Firstly, your Budget spend be very balanced so while drafting your ad make sure to see whether the budget is minimal and okay to go or not as what mistake most make is they use very less or huge amounts with the thought that they can reach more target audience like these but in reality let us clear some important thing that is making sure to have clear spending of daily budget and in most cases, 50% of your budget is used by google ads in the first half and if you made any further changes next day then it is likely to spend more 50% of the budget according to google ads budget rules. Using a lower budget can also slow down the ad distribution to the targeted audience. Therefore, keep the budget spending balanced and make changes accordingly.

Secondly, Keep an eye on the fact that the content contains keywords that are on your landing page or not as your content should be very simple and clear and align with the landing page you are taking the customer to. Ad is a must as it is one of the important parts of marketing that bring the organic leads into your landing page and turn them into your customers.

Thirdly, there a broad, phrase, and exact keywords that match more with your content you can specify them throughout.

For example you want to just sell water bottles specifically you can use it under the [Exact] keyword section, where reach is less but high relevancy. When you want Broad then you can only write bottle, where relevance is less but reach is high. When you want ‘Phase’ then you can use a water bottle for kids where reach and relevance both are medium. So, choose wisely according to your needs and use it.

Last but not least know how to bid and adjust the bid according to the ad group or keywords. Bid according to the content and try to keep it balanced or more profitable. Use bid adjustment to make the changes accordingly.

It is not a destination to look at but a journey you have to make changes and improvements accordingly. Review every time and keep updating yourself with Google ads updation. If you are still confused and can’t understand how to get more conversions and take your business to another level then we are here, you can count on us as we are a leading digital marketing agency in Noida. Don’t wait, we’re just a click away.

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