A huge rise of scams has been occurring recently and will keep rising. This is the worst thing you need to know about this year.

Whatever the system does and how much the strict laws are implemented the digital world sometimes takes a dark turn there is a simple saying when there is an advantage there will be a disadvantage it’s too similar to the way today we are going digital and how much life has been easy taking it’s turn to devastating side as well that is what we call Scams.

Sometimes we think it won’t hamper anything as much as there is a legal way of getting out of it. Still, it is very difficult to find the scammer or the hacker or the person in default as the technology is playing its game too hard, and most recent ones like deep fakeArtificial Intelligence (AI) generated making things worse to play the scams.

Let us aware you of some recent scams you need to know before it turn to you:

Impersonation Scam

 It is one of the most happening scams where the defaulter makes a similar tone of representation of a trusted person, brand, or organization and uses a voice or face then making the conversation more convincing and resulting out to be a scam just taking advantage of it. The scammer shows everything similar and makes it look like coming from a legitimate person. It can come from social media, apps, messages or calls so keep an eye before clicking or taking things forward.

Phone Scam

This is another common form of scam it is done to make you install or to get your details or to get your One Time Password (OTP) for bank payments making it look like it is coming from the authentic bank or it can come in form of SIM swapping that can be done to reconnect your number to another phone they control. This is happening to most of you daily and a minute detail can put your life at risk so be aware of such scams.

Cryptocurrency Scams

This is one of the scams you avoid but this doesn’t mean you will never fall for it as a scammer are taking their game up so you never know when you will fall for such scams These types of scams come in content, quizzes, prizes or giveaways or investments fake forms. Crypto scammers focus on your real information to access your digital wallet or here scammers find it’s ways to take your crypto. You can contact Federal Regulatory Agencies (FTC) if you feel like you are being scammed so, always remember to read and don’t fall for ‘free’ items scams and see who are the team members in this cryptocurrency otherwise you will fall for it.

Online purchase Scam

This is a well-known scam as most of us now love doing shopping online and when we see a similar interest outfit at the down rate we fall for it and it may turn out it be a scam. Scammers are making so many fake e-commerce sites on social media and then they are receiving your payment and the delivery of the item is never done or sometimes you make the payment and then receive another used outfit that you didn’t buy and the scammer blocks you and stops the way of, before banning check the comments, reviews, and websites to know if they are an e-commerce site or not.

Romance Scam

 This is the one you fall for easily so it will rise in the coming years as well because communication is now done digitally and most of us are not aware of this type of scam. Here you use dating apps or social sites to meet someone and that romance turns out to be a dark story in your life. At first, they will make a fake profile on social media and then make you fall in love after that in any manner of urgency excuse will try to ask for money and you fall for that one person, and send money turns out to be a big scammer and such scams are very popular nowadays. So, be aware of whom you are connecting with and take a step further.

How to avoid

  •  Never click on such links or download any files
  •  Just cut and report the contact
  • Watch the real website and do research before taking action
  • Don’t fall for words anytime rather follow the instructions of the Federal Trade Commission and find ways to connect to the person in other ways
  •  Enable multifactor authentication feature


Keep a clear eye on what is going on and keep yourself updated on what is going on before taking any step please research and then take a step forward. We can give you information and tell you not to fall for it but you can stop such scams happening to any one of you. Be aware and be safe. And share any information related to scams with your friends and family to make them aware of such scams as well.

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