Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?


LinkedIn is a leading professional networking platform with over 875 million users worldwide. It serves as a hub for professionals across various industries to connect, share insights, discover job opportunities, and build their professional reputations. The platform offers a range of free features such as creating a profile, connecting with others, and accessing industry news and updates. Determining if LinkedIn Premium is worth it can help you leverage additional tools and resources for your professional growth.

LinkedIn Premium enhances this experience by offering subscription-based plans designed to the needs of job seekers, businesses, sales professionals, recruiters, and learners. With LinkedIn Premium, users gain access to advanced tools and features like enhanced job search capabilities, expanded networking opportunities, targeted lead generation, personalized learning resources, and more. This premium version empowers individuals and businesses to optimize their networking efforts, accelerate career growth, drive business success, and stay competitive in today’s professional landscape. 

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

The value of LinkedIn Premium depends on your specific goals and requirements. For job seekers, it provides a significant advantage by amplifying visibility to potential employers, offering tools like recommendation requests, “OpenToWork” status, job application tracking, resume building, and profile optimization. These features not only streamline your job search but also enhance your brand and engagement on the platform.

For businesses and sales professionals, LinkedIn Premium Business and Sales Navigator plans offer unparalleled benefits. They enable targeted searches, expanded InMail messaging capabilities, advanced lead generation, and enhanced insights into prospects—all crucial elements for driving business growth and sales success.

Why Invest in LinkedIn Premium?

The decision to invest in LinkedIn Premium boils down to the value it brings to your professional journey. For job seekers, it can be a game-changer in landing your dream role or advancing your career. The ability to access exclusive features, connect with decision-makers, and showcase your skills effectively can significantly boost your chances of success.

Similarly, businesses and sales professionals can leverage LinkedIn Premium to access a wealth of tools and data that streamline lead generation, improve targeting, and foster meaningful connections with prospects. This not only saves time but also increases the likelihood of converting leads into clients and driving revenue growth.

Difference Between LinkedIn and LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium
InMail Messaging Basic messaging within connections Send messages to anyone, even those not connected
Who’s Viewed Your Profile Limited visibility on viewers See all viewers in the last 90 days
Premium Career Features Basic job search and application Access job listings, salary insights, etc.
Sales Navigator Not available Tools for sales professionals to connect
Account Types Free Premium Career, Sales Navigator, Recruiter, Marketing Solutions
Cost Free Subscription-based, varying by plan
Full Profile Viewing Limited view unless connected See full profiles of anyone on the platform
LinkedIn Learning Access A limited selection of free courses Access to an extensive LinkedIn Learning library
Direct Messaging Restricted to connections Message anyone on the platform
Advanced Search Filters Basic search filters Refine searches by various criteria
Applicant Insights Limited insights into other applicants See who else applied for the same job

Benefits of LinkedIn Premium

Benefits of LinkedIn Premium

Here’s a breakdown of the key benefits across different LinkedIn Premium plans:

  • LinkedIn Premium Career: Enhanced job search tools, profile optimization, recommendation requests, and increased visibility to employers.
  • LinkedIn Premium Business: Advanced search filters, expanded InMail messaging, lead recommendations, and competitor insights for business growth.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Targeted lead searches, CRM integration, real-time insights, and personalized recommendations for sales professionals.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Lite/Recruiter: Comprehensive talent search, candidate tracking, team collaboration, and advanced recruitment tools for hiring professionals.
  • LinkedIn Learning: Access to a vast library of courses, certifications, and learning paths to upskill and stay competitive in your industry.

Assessing the Value of LinkedIn Premium

Before committing to a LinkedIn Premium subscription, consider your specific needs, career aspirations, and business objectives. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s free trial offers to explore the features firsthand and evaluate how they align with your goals. Additionally, seek insights from user reviews, industry peers, and LinkedIn’s support resources to make an informed decision that maximizes the value of your investment.

In my final words, LinkedIn Premium offers a wealth of resources and tools that can significantly take your professional journey, whether you’re a job seeker, business owner, sales professional, or recruiter. By understanding its features, assessing your needs, and leveraging its capabilities strategically, you can unlock new opportunities, expand your network, and achieve greater success in the dynamic world of business and careers. Still not sure contact us don’t waste your time!

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