Consumer Behaviour That Can Be An Insight To Leverage During The Festive Season
By Think Your Media/26 October

During the festive season, capitalize on increased search activity. Advance planning is essential to convert the season into higher turnover. Understanding customer expectations and behavior is crucial for effective festive strategies. The ever-changing nature of customer behavior plays a vital role in business success, making it essential to stay updated with emerging trends. Thorough research is necessary to align with customer preferences, integrating them into your festive business strategies. Explore key customer behaviors to enhance your business value this festive season.

The festive season is the best time to leverage your business. The search area just got high during this time. Taking advantage of this festive time and turning it into your business turnover is something you should plan early. The expectations of the customers and behaviors study are important factors while executing your festive strategies. The changing nature of customer behavior is the most common factor to goes hand-in-hand with business success as customers emerge with new trends maybe in a month maybe in a second you never know. So, keep in mind to research well to go with the trends your customer is loving, and don't forget to apply them in your strategies for business success this festive. Let's discuss the main customer behavior to leverage your business value this festive:

  • Firstly, businesses should plan strategies for festive early and then understand different types of customers emerging, understanding your customers is the winning game in business success. As we know, after lockdown the online users came into existence and now most of the population loves online stuff taking this factor as your business plan is important. The challenging factor in business is they should keep in mind the customer perspective and study when the customers are mostly using their mobile or when they are scrolling the most, which age group is the best-targeted audience for your business. Going through clear research helps you get a clear idea about how to further proceed for the campaigns or designs or other areas.
  • Secondly, remember that the customer is the one who can boost your business so fooling them with price not clearing their doubt, or not giving them importance won't take your business value high. So plan things according to your customer's perspective if you can provide good offers and discounts that you think your customers are eagerly waiting for take that advantage and giveaway small gifts with your products or give good discounts and understand where the issue is and resolve them. What customer needs to understand is that like many customer don’t trust paying online so paying cash is a good option to resolve their issues. Understand your customer's needs and fears of any product and make testimonials and good offers like trial phase type with some good offers this festive season and put such things everywhere and plan it clearly to reach the specific audience and build their trust through it and keep tracking every campaign marketing or sales insights going right or not through measurable KPIs
  • Thirdly, take advantage of price sensitivity, it is one of the most common factors most good brands use in India as we love low prices and good products so highlight the price that you know will attract your customer audience and make sure your product is budget friendly and your customer are ready to pay. I would love to quote one very genuine factor of Indians keeping their product in their cart or taking screenshots or sharing them with others but keeping it thinking when it will go with their budget that day they will buy so why not take that advantage and give them a price that won't restrict their wallet to pay for it. So understand your customer's desire to buy that product but under budget.
  • Fourthly, give focus to mobile marketing as well the most use of mobile happened during festive seasons. Everyone just scrolls all day to understand what to wear, where to go, different types of serving sets for guest dinners, what decor should go this festive time, and more so make sure to do mobile marketing so businesses can track what our customers need and what things are most searched and after knowing the al the needs of the customer frame things to solve such needs. Try to engage with the client through some fun engaging content with good discounts and deals that make customers bound to click it. Good brands use this marketing strategy to engage high-consumers. Like giving good pop-ups on their website with vibrant classy colors or personalized greetings for festivals. Use the most creative innovative and engaging content according to your customer's needs and see your business grow. 

These are some of the important insights that make a difference in understanding behaviors this festive season that can help your business generate value. If you are facing issues to stand out digitally in this competitive crowd then Think Your Media is here to make you feel the brand like no one. Contact us today!